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"Centriplanís automated system realized a real stroke of improvement. In the mean time it has become an integrated part of our approach."

Peter Van Veldhoven, Woonbedrijf Eindhoven

Digital card index system for a housing association

Eindhovenís largest housing association, Woonbedrijf, had its entire card index system digitized by CentriPlan. The housing association wanted clear, uniform and digital home floor plans which are directly accessible to its own employees (such as customer service, maintenance service and inspectors) and tenants. Besides, the digital floor plans had to be suitable for use on the internet and on information pillars.

Digital data change management

 "We wanted our customers to have a clear idea of our houses. With CentriPlanís assistance we succeeded in realizing our goal extremely well." Says Peter van Veldhoven from Woonbedrijf Eindhoven. The project for this housing association comprised around 1800 unique housing types out of a stock of 33,000 houses. CentriPlan redrafted the original drawings and delivered the digital home floor plans in four different formats, allowing different applications. The digital card index system that originated in this way serves as a basis for digital data change management. Each time a dwelling changes tenant, the housing association adjusts the digital home floor plan in this particular premises. Over time, as the tenant database changes, the digital card index system with up-to-date home floor plans of individual houses will grow.

Tenantsí modifications filed digitally

Woonbedrijf has equipped its inspectors with tablet PCs. Whenever a house changes tenants the inspectors can simply process the tenantís modifications, if any, in the digital home floor plan. Back at the office, the drawing is automatically submitted via the intranet to web application C-Plans. Within twenty-four hours CentriPlan adjusts the plan. Once the home floor plan is approved. C-Plans ensures that the drawing is entered into the correct place in the card index system.

CentriPlan as point of contact for future developments

"This automated system has really been a stroke of improvementĒ says Van Veldhoven. "In the mean time it has become fully integrated into our operating methods. But, of course, we are moving on and explore future developments. And in this process CentriPlan is our point of contact, too."

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