Nieuw perspectief op technische tekeningen

The Future

Technical drawings in a new perspective

In many organizations technical drawings such as floor plans are not just dusty documents down in their record office but valuable data carriers. CentriPlan makes sure that they contribute in the best possible way to your results. Static drawings become dynamic digital files featuring many clever application possibilities. We also provide support in the integration of this new wealth of information into existing or new business processes.

The future mapped out

 Has it ever occurred to you what the potential could be for your organization once technical drawings have been made available in digital form? CentriPlan will be happy to show you a whole world of new possibilities. A world in which a flat surface with only lines and figures becomes an interactive, multimedia space. We are there to help you explore this new world and discover how to exploit its opportunities to the full. Based on a clear perception of todayís state-of-the-art technology combined with your business processes we develop application concepts for tomorrow.

Contact us and learn what importance a digital card index system can have for your organization.

The virtual card index system

An up-to-date card index system packed with razor sharp and up-to-date home floor plans: it is every housing associationís dream, for it means higher rental potential, better service to tenants and more efficient operations for premises managers. For the Eindhoven-based housing association Woonbedrijf, CentriPlan is redrafting and digitizing all its home floor plans. It is processed in stages, which means a clever spread of costs. In addition, CentriPlan supports Woonbedrijf in getting the best possible return from its digital data change management.

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