Nieuw perspectief op technische tekeningen

Submitting material

Digitizing floor plans: there are no restrictions

CentriPlan does not impose any restrictions on how you submit floor plans or other technical drawings for digitization. We adjust our approach to the level of the automation environment in your organization but also to allow for future growth.

Linking without changes to your IT-system

 Construction drawings, floor plans or other technical drawings may be submitted for digitization in any way you wish, whether by mail, e-mail, FTP or by means of a purpose-built application which allows you to simply receive and file digital floor plans and communicate data changes unambiguously.

After their digitization, CentriPlan can place the floor plans ready for you to download or we can even file them automatically in your digital card index system. Yet, linking the systems does not require any drastic alterations to your IT-infrastructure.

Automatic data change management

CentriPlanís sophisticated exchange possibilities allow you, to a considerable extent, to automatically digitize floor plans and other technical drawings. Thus you can auto-process data changes in digital floor plans. Each new or updated floor plan follows an acceptation procedure with automatic status changes, verification steps and authorization moments.

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