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Stichting Cascade

"CentriPlan works fast and stick to its word. Eventually, they have delivered more than I had expected."

René Baars, Stichting Cascade

Floor plans for a cultural centre

Cascade Cultural Centre in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht has twelve conference rooms at its disposal, varying in size from 40 to 366 m2. Cascade wishes to present on its website to interested people a complete idea of the possibilities. Customers have varying needs and that is why the conference centre wants to gear the presentation of its rooms to their specific wishes.

Discover conference rooms online

CentriPlan created a floor plan for each room. This enables the website visitor in no time to view the possibilities the rooms have to offer. Floor plans of combinations of rooms can be viewed as well. René Baars from Stichting Cascade looks back on the project with satisfaction: "I was looking for a business that would be able to digitize our floor plans. Via the internet I made contact with CentriPlan. There was an immediate click; we quickly got down to brass tacks and within a short time they understood exactly what I wanted. I myself had not had a clear idea of the possibilities beforehand. But CentriPlan picked that up very well. They gave a clear insight in what possible solutions there were and which would best suit our needs."

Ready for the future

CentriPlanís solution also prepares for the future, for it offers numerous extra application possibilities. The digital floor plans can be made interactive in a simple manner. In that setting the visitor can experiment online with different options and see at the same time which conference room best meets his needs. From the room layout and the number of chairs down to the location of an audio/video projector or a mobile bar. The floor plans can even be linked to the centreís booking system. This enables the customer to establish his preferences and book the room in the desired layout.

Expectations were surpassed

René Baars: "A thing I particularly liked was that CentriPlan worked fast and kept its word. Eventually, they even delivered more than I had expected. I thought I would just receive a floor plan in digital form, but the file was much more extensive and contained more information than I had imagined. CentriPlan has definitely surpassed my expectations!"

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