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HW Wonen

"CentriPlan understands our type of business. They know, for instance, how data change procedures run. It helps the discussion forward."

Piet Diepenhorst, HW Wonen

Home floor plans of entire housing stock digitally redrafted

HW Wonen is a housing association the Hoeksche Waard area, which in early 2010 grew out of a merger of three smaller housing associations with a housing stock of nearly 10,000 dwellings. HW Wonen wants to provide both tenants and employees with an up-to-date, complete and accurate image of each dwelling.

From type of dwelling to individual dwelling

CentriPlan redrafts all home floor plans and creates layered digital files for the entire housing stock. The digital home floor plans of many hundreds of types of houses are gradually turned into unique home floor plans of separate dwellings, for instance when a data change occurs.

Price-wise a profitable method

Piet Diepenhorst, head of business operations at HW Wonen, is enthusiastic about the cooperation with CentriPlan: "it is a low-threshold company and cooperation with the designated contact person runs smoothly; the lines of communication are short. They tell a clear story about their approach of the job and honour their promises. On top of that, price-wise CentriPlanís methodology is very profitable. And what is more important to us: they understand our type of business. They know how a data change process runs. Being on the same wavelength keeps discussions simple."

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