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Dutch Rail Control

"Right from the start CentriPlan has been actively involved in thinking along our lines. We actually needed their expertise to give shape to our wishes."

André van de Giessen, Dutch Rail Control

Digital railway diagrams for an advice on rail infrastructure

Dutch Rail Control is specialized in inspection and advice in the field of rail infrastructure. One of the clients the company works for is ProRail. Dutch Rail Control avails itself of the expertise CentriPlan has in digitizing and updating component drawings and railway diagrams. CentriPlan delivered the redrafted documents in Autocad-format and matched all of the stamps and additional map information to the current situation.

Obsolete source documents

Railway maps and technical drawings form the source for the complex calculations and highly valuable consultancy Dutch Rail Control provide. It is not exceptional that the source documents are many decades old. The information often is no longer up-to-date and the physical state regularly leaves a lot to be desired. Dutch Rail Control realized that its work could be performed a great deal more efficiently if first the drawings would be transformed into manageable and intelligent digital files.

Proactive partner

André van de Giessen, Project Manager with Dutch Rail Control, in CentriPlan met a proactive partner: "CentriPlan has, right from the start, been actively involved in our thinking process. This expertise was what we really needed to give shape to what was on our wish list and determine how we were going get them materialized. As a result the project could get under way at short notice. Also later on communications ran perfectly smoothly. The lines are short and people move fast. If we ran into something it was solved straight away. I was pleasantly surprised because they worked so fast."

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