Nieuw perspectief op technische tekeningen

Digitizing floor plans

Digitizing floor plans with added intelligence

Increasingly, organizations whose work involves floor plans, construction drawings or other technical drawings choose to have their stock of drawings digitized as it provides extra possibilities for the opening up and application of three-dimensional information and a professionalized presentation. Besides, a digital card index system is easier to manage and simplifies filing floor plans.

Digitized floor plans are ready for multimedia use

We redraft, digitize and vectorize floor plans and other technical drawings in any digital format you desire. In this way each drawing has the same uniform and professional presentation. Besides, digital technical drawings fit any conceivable multimedia application. To give an example, you can present interactive floor plans via the internet or on information pillars and integrate them with back-office systems.

Redrafting and vectorizing floor plans

 What CentriPlan does is more than creating a digital version of your paper floor plan or technical drawing. We vectorize the technical drawing and turn it into an intelligent digital file. Separate layers enable making user-specific information available to different groups of users. Internal and external target audiences are thus given easy and quick access to relevant digital floor plans with the desired details and measurements.

Digital card index system always up-to-date

Digital card index files offer considerable advantages when updates in floor plans have to be made. Digitized, they offer extensive opportunities for automated data change management. CentriPlan provides tailor-made solutions for updating digitized floor plans. Updating digitized floor plans becomes a well-structured and efficient process that fits your operating procedures to a T. Your digital card index system is then always up-to-date.

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