Nieuw perspectief op technische tekeningen

Cost Model

A clever spread of costs through a step-by-step approach for digitizing a card index system

What if you have a large number of floor plans or other technical drawings to be digitized? Instead of digitizing the card index system all in one go, CentriPlan will digitize floor plans or construction drawings only at the moment that you need them.

Have floor plans digitized only when you need them

 Digitizing the card index system in stages has many advantages. CentriPlan produces a unique digital floor plan at the moment that an update is processed in the object concerned. In this way, the most recent state of affairs is recorded. Besides, this model signifies a smarter way of spreading the costs. Then, floor plans that you may not need at all in the near future are not submitted for re-drafting. Many housing associations do not carry through updates in their home floor plans until there is a change in tenancy. Thus the unique home floor plan for that tenancy is digitized at that point in time. It enables you to spread the costs of digitization over a longer period of time.

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