Nieuw perspectief op technische tekeningen

About CentriPlan

Born out of a customer query

CentriPlan creates solutions on the basis of customer needs. And that is also how the company itself had its beginning. It was on account of a query from a big housing association. Two innovative technology companies, specialized in software, internet and 3D-technology, decided to join forces.

In CentriPlan they brought together specialist know-how and technology. It resulted in a unique approach for the development of floor plans and other technical drawings. Over time, CentriPlan has grown into an independent business, witnessing an increasing interest in its solutions from abroad.

Spatial information better exploited

Redrafting technical drawings opens up a world of almost limitless digital possibilities. Static drawings on paper become vectorized, layered and intelligent databases. CentriPlan helps you to optimally exploit the opportunities this technology offers you. Whatever the number, just a few files or many thousands: for each project CentriPlan will develop a tailor-made solution and ensure an optimum embedding in your organization.

CentriPlan is not looking for buyers of existing off-the-shelf products; quite the reverse, it develops solutions with which technical drawings contribute maximally to the organizationís results. How we proceed depends entirely on the objectives determined:

Do you want to use technical drawings to communicate with external target audiences?
Do you need them for maintenance management or to optimize internal processes?
Are you looking for completely new application possibilities?

CentriPlan advises, develops and performs. If desired, we extend our assistance even down to an effective implementation into your organization and monitor the projects in situ.

Would a smarter exploitation of your technical drawings be possible?

A technical drawing represents a part of reality, whether it is a housing stock, a pipes network a railway yard, a shop floor, a conference room or a machine part. Every organization that wishes to maximally exploit the wealth of information of its technical drawings will in CentriPlan meet a strategic partner.

Initially we were engaged in developing tailor-made solutions for housing associations. But increasingly, other organizations discovered the potential CentriPlan offered for the exploitation of their technical drawings. That varies from government organizations, retail chains and railway construction companies to conference centers and project developers. Its specialized knowledge, innovative concepts and problem-oriented services have for a long time made CentriPlan a leading player and not just in the Netherlands. There is a growing interest in its trend-setting services from abroad.

There is no standardized solution to achieve the best results

Has it ever happened in your organization that an expensive software package was purchased which is actually little used? Often, in everyday practice software proves to be complex while adequate support is wanting. CentriPlan does not sell tools but high-grade content in a ready-made product that immediately produces added value. This practical applicability is what we always deliver by designing a tailor-made implementation concept that exactly meets the needs and objectives of your organization.



From floor plan to a virtual world

CentriPlan finds itself right at the centre of technological innovations. We are continually trying to find out which trends and innovations could have an added value for application in your organization. To give an example: the use of three-dimensional drawings will in the future increasingly be common practice. CentriPlan has the technology at its disposal to develop powerful and practice-oriented application concepts that are based on your needs.

 But our outlook is focused beyond technology. We notice that the way organizations handle spatial information is changing. Thus, your floor plans could prove to be extremely attractive to outside parties. What they could do is enrich these drawings with information of their own and thus provide a valuable service to the consumer. In this way, continually new possibilities arise to open up and interlink information. CentriPlan translates these trends and innovations into a solution which perfectly fits your organization where they become top tool to achieve your goals.

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